Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My day in pictures. And words. But mostly pictures because they are way more interesting. Look, Mom. I'm smiling and relaxed pre-interviews!Instead of the usual...Can't help it. I blame the scarf.

And then I had to ride... the bus. One of the recruiters I met with today told me that parking is minimal at best downtown and will cost a minimum of $20. She lives in my area and told me to take the bus. I was like, "OKAY! Yeah! I can totally take the bus! No problem!" And then I pooped my pants.
Okay, not my pants. But I was stressed to a whole other degree. Back to back interviews with two different recruiters? No prob! Riding the bus? ohmygod.I did it! I even used my transfer that I had no idea I had! I thought it was a "bus ticket". But at least I realized what it was a block from my stop and I put my $2 away and pulled the cord! So I pulled the cord one stop too soon, shuddup. At least someone else got off there and then I pulled the cord again at the correct stop. No harm, no foul, right????Not so fast on the glee. I found myself faced with the Recycling Tower of Doom as soon as I walked in the front door.Eh. I braided my hair instead.And then I made taco salad for dinner!!The. End.