Friday, January 29, 2010

I Totally Had Something To Say.

But I lost it. Was it about getting shampoo in my eye? Was it about my brain not shutting off tonight? Was it about my dog's ever-exploding anal glands?

Maybe it was about... I have no idea. It was probably about getting old and forgetting what I was going to say. :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

To. Do. List.

So, you wanna see what's on my To Do List? Some of these things have been on here for quite a while and the list is in no way shape or form prioritized ('cause that would be boring).
  1. Throw every pair of flip flops that I own into a bleach/detergent wash in the washing machine. I own about 50 pairs of flip flops. And I refuse to pack them into moving boxes until they are disinfected, especially the pair I wore in Spain that had horse pee on them.
  2. Regular, every day laundry.
  3. Repack boxes that Charlotte the rabbit decided to chew through.
  4. Repack all other boxes that look shifty.
  5. Figure out a non-creepy way to sell some large, random items that I don't want to move. And by non-creepy, I mean I don't want creepus people showing up at my house to look at my mountain bike or my drawers. Chest of drawers. Note: I don't want creepus people showing up to look at my chest, either. Unless they are hot.
  6. Make poutine and eat it.
  7. Watch the following rented movies: Julie & Julia and My Life In Ruins with my mom.
  8. Determine if I really want to give in to my mom's request to watch The Hangover with me. There are soooo many reasons why she should NEVER watch that movie, but then again there are sooooo many reasons that she should!
  9. Dye my blonde roots. Darker = better. Plus, it fools people. And makes my blue eyes pop!
  10. Pluck my blonde eyebrows.
  11. Figure out where I am going to be in the next few weeks, let alone the next few years, at least!
  12. Try not to turn to drink.
  13. Puppies & Rainbows & Kittehs. Sometimes I just need motivating words to get me through the day.
  14. Read every book that my local friends have lent me before I head West. Shouldn't take long - some of that shit is skimmable. But not yours, if you're reading this! YOURS will be read thoroughly!
  15. Go eat at both of my new favorite restaurants Spiral Diner and Aki Sushi at least once more before I skip town. With friends. Duh.
  16. Have another going away get together at my favorite pub, the Holy Grail. Because I want to.
  17. Have the heel tips replaced on my Italian boots. It's only been two years since I have worn them. Like I said, a lot of things have been on my To Do List for a while...
  18. Learn how to make Dolmas and sushi rolls. But not at the same time.
  19. Relearn all of the French I have forgotten. All I remember are words like "merde" and "mon dieu". And the phrase: Ferme la bouche! S'il vous plait.
  20. Penmanship. Grammar. Smiles.
If anyone wants to help me cross a few of these off, I'm open to it! Anyone?

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's A Sad Day, Indeed.

No Conan = Stupid. Good job, NBC. I'll follow you wherever you may go. But I won't stalk you. Promise. You too, Andy.