Monday, April 27, 2009

This does not suck.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate frozen dinners. And since I don't eat meat, there isn't much to choose from... I would like to make an announcement. I just ate this:
...and it does NOT suck!! In fact, because of the veggieness and all-naturally-ness, I am going to sample some other entrees from the people at Healthy Choice. I never thought I'd say that.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

California Dreamin'

Yes folks, I have fallen in love with the state of my birth! Er, my birth state of California, that is... After spending a week with the BFF in Silicon Valley, I realized that maybe I am not just a Seattle girl, but a straight up bonafide West Coaster. I was born in SoCal, actually, but regardless I had a blast in NoCal and am seriously contemplating a geographical change in the next few months. Like, a permanent one people.
Everyone and their grandmother knows that I am not a Texan. I don't pretend to like living here, but I *try* to not be an ass about it. I know a lot of people who LOVE Texas!! Yay them!! It's just not me, so the possibility of the fabulous economy here in the US making job hunting really, uber retarded for me makes a move that much easier. As stupid as this sounds, I have no problem taking a job at a bookstore, a coffee shop, or the aquarium gift shop in California. Here? Not so much. Sadly, it's a pride thing and I admit it. What if someone I haven't seen since my heyday as a big, important (scoff!) manager at my old IT firm comes in to Half Price Books and sees me stocking the shelves? What if that person happens to be Tan Ex-Boyfriend who is doing very well and is also toting his wife and 2.5 children to gawk at me and point whilst I redden in shame? Or what if said person is Cheating Ex-Boss who fired me for an alleged gossip train that I had no part of? Or what if it's... Skanky Ex-BFF who drives nothing less than the latest luxury SUV and wears more diamonds than Beyonce? GASP! Nooooo!!!! The horror!!!!!!!!

So, you see, it's a pride thing. And I am not proud of that. It's also a cultural thing. For some reason, in places other than Dallas, it's okay to be 30 years old, working in a shop, being all single-like, and still be a respectable human being! You're not looked down upon or chastised and it's totally chill! You can even live with some awesome friends free of charge (save some dish washing and garden help) because they are so much teh awesome and genuinely want to help a chick get back on her feet and get the heck out of a place she's been whining about for over 10 years! To quote Liz Lemon: I want to go to there.

And this is there... Enjoy!

There are 12 million different fruit trees in BFF's backyard. Okay, maybe more like a dozen or two, but dude. An orchard nonetheless!!
Also in the backyard... Well, the neighbor's backyard, but same diff.
These are two of the lovely animals I would be sharing a humble abode with... Achoo & Snork (aka Kipper & Polly). Oh, yeah and the BFF and her Hubs as well, of course!Hiking in the mountains (yeah, I said it) in a nutshell:
Dork. Stick.
I climb rocks!
E-Snazz climbs bigger rocks...
Look Ma! I'm in nature and not screaming and flailing!
Overlooking my Kingdom.
Monterey in a nutshell:
Dirty Sea Captain!
Oh, the plight of the lone gull. I'm naming this one Charlie.
Jellies are my favorite. At least when enclosed behind glass.
San Francisco in a nutshell:
Look Ma! I'm taking public transportation! CalTrain rocks!
Bay Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
AlcatrazThis is what a $20 tuna melt looks like...
The sourdough was almost worth it.
Good Friends.

I miss it already...